Training Center

KETS Make Up Academy sits right next to the train station in the modern Richti-Areal in Wallisellen

Benefit not only from a great education but also from a generous training classroom with all the bells and whistles as well as an apart theory area. Everything is arranged over two floors to make room for the supportive groove our classes always generate. The workstations are designed to give you the best lighting for applying the make up. After all, if you’re going to deliver your best work, you’ll need the best circumstances.


KETS Academy collaborates with top-notch instructors

The long-standing and international experience of our instructors guarantees a well-founded, structured and practical education. Granted, you need to understand your materials – but even more you need to know how to work them! KETS chooses instructors who not only bring the know-how but also the connections to the professional world. Have you ever wanted to experience a day on a film set, at a photo shooting, or backstage at a fashion show? KETS instructors love opening up the exciting world of a make up artist to their students.


Behind KETS is a team of 4 women who each live according to the values their Make Up Academy is founded on:

With zeal, vim, and cut Karin, Ebru, Serena, and Evelyne commit to the vision of establishing undaunted stage-ready With zeal, vim, and cut Karin, Ebru, Serena, and Evelyne commit to the vision of establishing undaunted stage-ready make up in Switzerland and of providing a profoundly competitive education as make up artist to virtually anyone with an Internet connection.


Know-how, skill, and more

KETS Make Up Academy follows the deep conviction that zeal, wim, and cut are the keys to individual fulfilment. That’s why we choose to collaborate with specialists endued with sound knowledge as well as close ties to the Estée Lauder group. At KETS you’re trained in make up artistry with high standards and clear guidelines.

You attend our Make Up Academy to gain skills. And that’s exactly what we deliver: your entire education as make up artist comes down to application and dexterity. In order for you to develop familiarity and routine, you will spend a great deal of your time practicing. This will give you a great sense for how everything you studied in theory can be developed into aweseome make up.


See KETS Academy’s pulse and peer into our hearts


Our graduates belong to an industry-wide network

KETS Make Up Academy uses products by MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Estée Lauder, and further select international make up brands our instructors trust. During your training you will meet people from the industry and establish important connections to the entire Swiss division of the Estée Lauder group, a priceless door-opener for your future.