KETS Zurich

Switzerland’s leading Make Up Academy


At KETS Make Up Academy you can choose between various courses for both beginners and experts. This way, you can follow your very personal vocation and vision of being a make up artist.




Next information evening: April 11. 2019, 19:00

We invite you to the next info evening at the KETS Make Up Academy.

Click below to sign up and swing by for an informal meet-and-greet with the area, the team, the philosophy, and a selection of our work here at KETS Academy!


Masterclass and Workshop with Darya Kholodnykh

Masterclass on Sunday 23. June 2019

Learn from the well-known make up artist Darya new techniques, her tips and tricks and especially where she gets her inspiration for new make up trends.


KETS Make Up Academy sits right next to the train station in the modern Richti-Areal in Wallisellen

KETS Academy Working Space
The KETS Ambition

Get a first-class education for make up artists in Switzerland within an international network

Demand for professional make up artists has never been higher. Take a founded education, add the right ambition, and your chances are more than solid – even internationally. This is just what we aim to deliver at KETS, and we’re looking forward to awarding your dedication with an acknowledged diploma.


You can find detailed information about our Courses and Workshops in our online brochure.